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The researchers attribute their findings

The nature of the tasks were delirate   Most studies that measure explicit gender attitudes find that females are liev to  worse at math tasks and tter at verbal tasks than males   the paper explains. In stage two  each  employer  was ask to choose an employee among the pool of participants  with the knowlge that employers would  paid according to that employee s round two performance.

The employers were inform of

The employees  gender and past performance.  For this stage of the experiment  the researchers delirately narrow the employee pool down to participants whose stage one task performances were similarly miocre  such that there was no obvious star performer to choose.  In some cases Malaysia Mobile Database the employer was performing a joint evaluation  in which he or she was present with the round one results of both a male and a female employee. In others  the employer was present with the round one results of only one male or female employee—a separate evaluation.  THIS PAPER … HAS INSIGHTS THAT COULD  IMPLEMENT BY ORGANIZATIONS TOMORROW IF THEY SO CHOOSE  —IRIS BOHNET The results were striking. In cases of separate evaluation.

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The employers were more likely

To choose male employees for the math tasks and females for the verbal tasks. But in cases of joint evaluation  stereotypes did not seem to matter at all.  to frame Azerbaijan Phone Number of reference.  Our hunch is that the mechanism works something along the following lines  if you look at one pair of shoes  it s hard to evaluate the quality of those shoes   Bohnet explains.  You will  much more likely to go with stereotypes or heuristics or rules of thumb about shoes. But if you have several pairs of shoes available  you re much more likely to  able to compare different attributes of the shoes.  Next Steps The researchers are currently testing their theory at a large company.

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