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ANONYMOUS When I mediated conflicts

Being transparent is impossible when people think you are a liar. And it will take years of change to alter the fact that large scale layoffs are one of the first thing new management and new ownership is expected to do  while at the same time saying. I that they won t do it. How many euphemisms for  firing  have been created over the past few decades  This is a form of lying.

This trick is hard because

A single company s management can do very little . Ito affect the fact that in American business as a whole  this has been done for decades. In fact  your company may become a target ripe for a take over by someone who will . Iut into effect large scale layoffs to Russia Number Data increase profitability if you don t do it yourself. So the difficulty is not found in what . Ito do  the difficulty is making it happen. We live in a culture where you are expected to do whatever eone else will. And then they will arrogantly proclaim their superiority over those who. I foolishly . Ibehaved ethically. Management are the people who performed in this capitalistic free for . Iall more successfully than other people. They sacrificed many other things  family  friends  free time  to get where they are.

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Upper management did this even

More successfully  and they are the ones who sacrificed the most to obtain their position of power. Since management has sacrificed so much . Ito achieve their power  they will do much . Ito keep it. This is why creating trust is hard. Lack of trustworthiness is a critical Sri Lanka Phone Number component of how managers get their positions and what they will do . Ito keep them. managers and employees  a common complaint was   yes  we have this agreement  but can I really trust that s he will abide by it   I used the Affect Behavior.

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