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Companies owe it to themselves

Also there could  wide variability in intent of press clippings word use in contextual search. Just cause someone writes a word and someone else writes the same word about the same subject does not mean it carries the same message. Finally  I think the pressure to do CSR is driven largely from shareholders not the general populace. And in Tier   suppliers the CSR suggestion often comes from the brand customer  again not from general populace. ADJOA ACQUAAH HARRISON I know companies with genuine agendae on CSR.

They practice the Platinum

Rule by contributing value to the communities they operate in cause the communities ne the support to grow  thrive  and also nefit the companies in advertent ways. Just like a selfish person always seeks reward for doing something good for another  I am Israel Phone Number List sure some companies also practice CSR with entitlements in mind. In that case  why not draw a clear cut contract with the community and spell out mutual expectations  Of course  nobody gets far acting out of selfishness so if companies set out to do good  hoping society owes them favors in bad times  they might have themselves to blame. I lieve that companies should automatically participate in.

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CSR cause it is a good faith reflection

That they are proud of the communities they operate in and committ to investing in its growth. Ultimately  the human capital they will draw on to fill positions w ill  the ucat workforce they help groom. The safety of the communities they work will Latvia Phone Number reflect on the quality of lives for all their employees  and the health of the companies and their communities will all  reflective of future prosperity.  to take full responsibility for their haviors  commitment to transparency  and levels of social responsibility should  decisions to  just do the right thing  by the communities in which they operate.

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