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Although most GIFs need some form of editing before they can be used in a video project. However, suppose your only goal is to turn a YouTube video into a GIF without the hassle of editing or changing the source material. In that case,  could be the perfect tool for you.

The platform is as simple as it gets, with just a text box asking you to enter a YouTube URL. The website then loads your video and displays your preview. You can watch the video yourself and decide the start and end timestamps of your GIF.


simple and you have to enter the start time of your GIF. After which, you can enter the duration of your GIF and click preview to generate a preview of your converted GIF.

The website only allows a maximum duration of 10 seconds, so be careful when choosing timestamps.


  • Perfect if you just want to turn a YouTube video into a GIF without editing it.
  • Does not require you to create a user account


  • It has practically no editing tools.
  • You can’t upload a video, and only accept video links
  • The user interface is basic.

Make a GIF

At this point, we have seen many YouTube to British Student Phone Number List GIF converters that offer phenomenal feature sets, but have only allowed us to use video links or upload our videos.

While these two options meet the needs of most users, what if you wanted a platform that would allow you to turn videos into GIFs from Facebook and your webcam too?

lets you do it with numerous editing options and the feature to add videos from Facebook, your  footage, and your device storage. Furthermore, it also comes with features to improve the ranking of your GIF by adding tags and captions to them.


The best part of Make a GIF

Special Database

is its unique yet useful editing tools that enhance the Phone List Forum entire GIF conversion process. You can increase or decrease the speed and duration of the GIF based on your requirements. Later, you can post your GIF using the website and even download it to your devic.

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