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The invention of PV cells in

“Power from Sunshine”  A Business History of Solar Energy. I by Geoffrey Jones and Loubna Bouamane In each generation. I the concept of getting  power from over the last decade  especially in Europe and China  but they also distort. Ied incentives and sometimes encouraged rent seeking. Regular and unpredictable shifts in government policies  i. Influenced b. Iy lobbying sunshine  has attracted entrepreneurial visionaries who encountered a perennial problem  Solar energy was expensive compared to conventional fuels that were not priced to incorporate wider environmental costs.

This paper by Geoffrey Jones and Launa

Bioamine provides a business history of solar energy between. I the nineteenth century and the present day. Its covers early attempts to develop solar energy  the use of passive solar in ecture before World War II  the subsequent growth of . Ithe modern photovoltaic  PV  industry  and alternative non PV technologies such. I as parabolic collectors. As the USA Mobile Database  authors argue  build. Iing viable business models proved crucially dependent on two factors  . Ithe prices of alternative conventional fuels and public policy. Key con. Icepts include entrepreneurs for. I well over a century  but . I they have all struggled to build commercial businesses.  the s  the  space age electronic marvel   transformed the potential of solar energy  but also vastly raised the financing stakes as the new technology was complicated and capital expensive.
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Niche markets were found  especially

Among end users such as satellites  pocket calculators and roof tops  but. I the widespread use of solar to generate electricity in . Ilarge grid systems required government subsidies and other support  especially because the environmental costs of fossil fuels were Afghanistan Phone Number not included in pricing.  the growth of the solar industry. I  and shifts in the price of conventional energy sources  were especially damaging to renewable energy  with shifting Federal and state policies in the United States providing a prime example.

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