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They sure get paid a lot  don get

A  When it comes to compensation  we can t see. Ithe forest for the trees. We ve creat a system where there s a lot of focus on the details  Should you Real estate tycoons  singers  sports stars—it s part of the American way. The piece that is missing is in stock or options  . IWhat proportion of the compensation should  in incentives . I Yet no one goes back to ask the fundamental question  s the premise that underlies this whole complicat house of cards a valid one.

A For example  do these incentives

Actually serve as a motivation  Would people work less . Ihard if you didn t have them  Our argument is that we don t think so. How much is enough in terms of pay  Q  The feeling in the popular press and amongst many politicians is that CEOs simply get Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List paid too much compar to everyone else. A  Yes  but that doesn t get us any. Iwhere  and it s not completely valid anyway. me wrong. But they re not the only ones.  Why is this country so driven by the attainment of wealth  If you go to other countries  there are people . Iwho work very hard  who have a nice standard of living  but they re not so focus on one thing.

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What you re talking about raises complicate

Do you think the agency theory of maximizing shareholder value  originat by HBS Professor Emeritus Michael Jensen  was so quickly accept and absord Luxembourg Phone Number List into how people think about corporations and boards cause it s so simple  A  Yes  but simplicity can  a snare and a delusion. It s true  If you don t use agency theory  what do you use  Then you get into a very messy debate.

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