The happiest company in the world

Felix, the protagonist of the story, inherits from his father two bookstores that are in decline: one called Captain Flint and the other John Silver, named after RL Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Félix decides to give the company a chance to recover, applying a program to revive it that is based on the well-being of people, motivation and happiness. David wanted to place the action of his fable in two bookstores as a tribute to the center of knowledge that they are. “ Booksellers and bookstores are the repositories of this wisdom and they transmit it every day among the public that comes to their stores” , the author points out. Books have become an inherent part of our society.

Books have become an inherent part of our society

A Source of learning for people and a means Bulk SMS Hong Kong to have a happier life . David-Tomas-lunch-with-booksellers BOOKSHELVES AND BOOKSHELVES Last Wednesday, September 23, David made his first presentation of the book in Madrid before an excellent audience: representatives of the most prominent bookstores in the capital. It was the previous act before the book went on sale today Monday. ‘The happiest company in the world’ was very well received by the attendees and they assured that they recommend the book to their readers. David took the opportunity to sign the first copies of him! david-toms-signing David-Tomas-lunch-with-booksellers David Thomas This fable reflects all the experience of David Tomás as an entrepreneur.

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Business angel and CEO

Of In addition to seeking excellence in the service Phone List Forum and treatment. That his entire team offers to customers, partners and suppliers, he also actively seeks and contributes to creating the best company in the world. Many people will wonder: can there be the happiest company in the world? He is sure that it can be done. HOW DO YOU GET TO BE THE HAPPIEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD? The path to becoming a happy company is quite similar to the way you cultivate personal happiness. Really, you cannot focus on happiness itself, but you have to dedicate yourself to your passions and lead a balanced lifestyle, thus giving rise to happiness itself. This process needs trust, support and commitment to clear communication, but being happy is not the end result but rather the by-product of dedicating yourself to the process.

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