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The Experiment The trio s research include

I thought if that is true  then I can treat that mistake the way I treat other mistakes people make.  This meant applying insights from the havioral economics toolbox. The research team was interest in how organizations can change to accommodate what are often natural and subconscious individual haviors  making it easier for a person to make the right choice. The book Nudge  written by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein  piqu their interest.

The book also inspire the term

Evaluation nudge.    The contribution of the book was to show that we can start changing environments to make it easier for our minds  which aren t perfectly rational and don t absorb information perfectly  to succe in life   Bohnet explains. A familiar scene to Taiwan Mobile Database job seekersWhile the book s authors appli their theory to policy changes—such as the Pension Protection Act of   which mandat in part that employees  automatically enroll in a pension plan upon hiring and must choose to opt out rather than opt in—Bohnet  Bazerman  and van Geen decid to apply the theory to evaluation decisions at organizations.  Max had thought of the particular question that we look at—joint versus separate evaluation—a long time ago.

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Bonnet says  adding that the idea

The paper came from  a combination of Max s earlier work thinking about joint versus separate evaluation in the domain of product evaluation  Alexandra s expertise in experimental economics and her passion for gender  and my interest in working Australia Phone Number on closing gender gaps.   a two stage experiment conduct at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory involving some male and female participants. Of those  play the role of an employer selecting an employee for a job assignment  while play the role of employee. In stage one  the  employees  complet two rounds of a math or verbal task for which they were paid bas on performance  they also complet a brief demographic questionnaire that includ  most importantly  their gender.

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