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Alto Andreu in   Sober Schumpeter

It s important to have reasonable expectations about the consequences of that engagement  and hopefully that makes it more sustainable over time.  In other words  while doing good may  its own reward  sometimes it may  the only reward. It s up to each individual company to decide whether that is enough. COMMENTS HELENA ANCOS CSR CONSULTANT  PROFFESSOR.

There seems to  consensus

That corporate reputation is an intangible asset that holds potential for business. This is not the case with the methodologies us  the variables select  and especially with regard to the alleg causal link tween corporate reputation and social responsibility. In a society where structures are less and less vertical and increasingly network  where a more holistic Mexico Phone Number List perspective is taken and the public is more ucat about the financial  social and environmental impacts of firms  the results provid by corporate reputation studies are ing call into question by some business practices. In the opposite sense  some companies seem to  immune to the negative perceptions of their stakeholders. Several colleagues open this debate a few months ago in a series of articles   Schumpeter  from The Economist.

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What s in a name Why companies

Should worry less about their reputations    y su  limitada  visi n de la reputaci n de las empresas  and its sequel  La mala reputaci n de la reputaci n corporativa  a vueltas con Schumpeter y otros blogueros   and Antonio Vives with several articles including   Reputaci n como fin o como resultado de la RSE  . I refer to all of them due to their undeniable Japan Phone Number interest. However  I will summarize the context of this discussion in the words of Antonio Vives  whose thoughts are in line with the thesis of the Blog in The Economist   Reputation is not synonymous with accountability.

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