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The blockchain or chain of blocks is a decentralized registry of transactions

After years of hearing about the Internet of Things, this technology is already consolidated and is part of our day to day. It is estimated that in 2023 there will be 43 billion devices connected to the internet in the world, almost 3 times more than in 2018 . Thanks to technological advances, the Internet of Things will become easier to implement, opening the door for a greater variety of companies to benefit from its applications. Large multinationals have been investing in IoT for years, but it is now when the maturity of this technology has also made it available to small and medium-sized companies. Today, the Internet of Things has applications in sectors as diverse as smart cities and homes, connected cars and telemedicine.

Robotics for business processes

For marketers, this represents a huge opportunity Bulk SMS Oman to integrate internet-connected devices into omnichannel marketing strategies . This not only provides us with a new platform to connect with potential customers, but also a very valuable source of data to better understand our audience and refine our strategies. 2) Robotics for business processes Robotics combines advances in technology, science, and engineering to recreate human actions without error. Today, robotics is present in all processes, from manufacturing robots to programming. Factory automation makes it possible to improve business processes and launch products to the market much faster. But that’s just the first step: robotic process automation makes it possible to create. Deploy and manage robots to mimic human actions by interacting with digital systems and software .

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Cryptography and encryption

This allows large volumes of work to be carried out Phone List Forum without human error and at high speed. Nor can we forget the role of robots in the customer experience. Self-service solutions (which can include chatbot support ) make the shopping experience easier and are a favorite solution for millennial consumers. 3) Blockchain for security When we talk about blockchain , most people automatically think of cryptocurrencies.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: in reality. This technology has many applications that will be increasingly present in our lives. The blockchain or chain of blocks is a decentralized registry of transactions. Data is accumulated in a series of clusters or blocks. When the storage capacity of a block is exhausted, it is linked to the previous block. Thus, we are forming a decentralized chain that does not depend on any entity.

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