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The best way to measure the result here

It must be at least parallel. This is because when a company focuses all its generation of visits on sponsor links, it creates a dependence on this channel. In other words, if she stops paying, the visits stop. And, more serious than that, no matter how much you optimize your campaigns, the tendency is that the only way to increase visits is to pay more. And with that, your cost will only go up in the long term. 4.4. How to measure the result: As stat, sponsor link platforms will deliver some key numbers that can be measur and optimiz: prints; clicks; cost per click; click rate; conversions; cost per conversion.

The best way to measure the result here

The best way to measure the result here is to define a conversion indicator , which could be filling out forms, calls, sales, etc. By linking this indicator to the total investment in sponsor links (and configuring this in the tools), you will be clear about how much each conversion carri out is costing and you will be able to compare this result with other digital marketing actions. 5. SEO IF THE 5.1. What is it: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When we talk about search tools in Brazil, we usually refer to Google, as it holds  new database more than 90% of the country’s online search market. As we all know, when doing a Google search, we typically receive two types of results: paid results (sponsor links); organic results.

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Now, if the logic is to invest in yourself , in your business, the graph is different (taking SEO as an example investment): SEO – evolution chart In this case, in the short term, your investment will not pay off , which makes perfect sense. After all, making an object move requires much more energy than keeping it moving, right? (Thanks, Newton). But in the long term it scales much more, and the return is exponential. What we’re trying to say here is: focus on your business . Invest in it. Do not create a dependency on third-party channels. Reconcile and prioritize consistency. In our field, work on SEO and advertise on Google in parallel. Focus on the short and long  Phone List Forum term at the same time. Investment in authority and sales in a coordinat manner. And if you want to know how your business can prosper with SEO.

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