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The active references in the document

 The sequence of operations is important and it is good to be clear about the order of the commands and. Above all. The active references in the document. Such as: the presence or absence of a background or empty layers. ..remember. In fact. You are about to create an action on a file-type and it is therefore recommend  that this file resemble the files where you will apply the creat  action later. To create an action: go up to the actions panel and create a new set and name it in a clear and intuitive waycreate a new photoshop action set press the “+” button at the base of the actions panel and give the sequence of commands a meaningful name here too (you can also assign a color to the action if you think it will be easier for you to find it).

The small square next to the r dot

 You will notice a r  dot light up at the base africa email list of the panel… It means that photoshop is able to record what you do with the mouse and keyboard. create a new photoshop actionrecord a photoshop action perform the sequence of operations you want photoshop to recordrecording an action in adobe photoshop once the sequence is finish . Press the stop button. I.e. The small square next to the r  dot.stop recording photoshop action to see if the record  action works. Try restoring the file ( f12 from the keyboard. Or file>restore ) and execute the action just record .


Photoshop actions remain in the panel

 To do this. Simply go to the action (which is inside the set) and press Phone List Forum the play button (the little triangle) at the bottom right. Perform action once record . Photoshop actions remain in the panel and do not depend in any way on the file you us  to create them. How to save photoshop actions? Whenever you record an action in photoshop it will appear in the actions panel. The action does not depend in any way on the file you us  to record it. Which is why. If you restore the file you us  the action will remain safe and sound in the actions panel.


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