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Key concepts include  Investments by insurance companies in corporate bonds exhibit patterns that reflect reaching for yield. Insurance companies are very important to the corporate bond market  According to U.S. Flow of Funds Accounts  insurance companies are the largest institutional holder of corporate and foreign bonds.  It is also more pronounc for the insurance firms for which regulatory capital requirements are more binding.

The results hold both at issuance

A for trading in the secondary market and are robust to a series of bond and issuer controls  including issuer fix effects as well as liquidity and duration. Comparison of the ex post performance of bonds acquir by insurance companies does not show Ukraine Mobile Database outperformance  but higher volatility of realiz returns. Paper Informationtter by the Bunch  Evaluating Job Candidates in Groups by Maggie Starvish The key to avoiding gender stereotyping in the hiring process lies in evaluating job candidates as a group  rather than one at a time. So says new research by Iris Bohnet  Alexandra van Geen  and Max H. Bazerman. New research suggests that organizations wishing to avoid gender stereotyping in.

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The hiring or promotion process

Employ the most productive person instead—should evaluate job candidates as a group  rather than one at a time. “THE THREE OF US HAVE PRODUC ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING  —MAX BAZERMAN A recent collaboration tween Harvard Business Argentina Phone Number School and the Harvard Kenny School  HKS  reveals that you re much less likely to stereotype by gender if you apply an  evaluation nudge —an intervention aim at overcoming bias assessments  in which people are evaluat jointly rather than separately regarding their future performance.

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