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US multinational firms  the authors

We focus on governmental provision of capital to corporations—either equity or debt—as a defining feature of state capitalism. We present a styliz distinction . Itween two broad  general varieties of state capitalism  one through majority control of publicly trad Paper Text Working Paper Publication Date  June HBS Working Paper Numr    Faculty Unit s   Business . I Government and International EconomyTrade Crit and Taxes by Mihir A. Desai  C. companies  e.g. state controll SOEs  and a hybrid form that relies on minority investments in companies. I by development banks  pension funds  sovereign wealth funds  and the government itself.

We lal these two alternative

Modes Leviathan as a majority investor and Leviathan as a minority investor  respectively. Next we differentiate tween these two modes by describing their key fundamental traits and the conditions that should make each mode more conducive to development India Phone Number List and superior economic performance. Paper Information Full Working Fritz Foley and James R. Hines Economists have extensively analyz the effects of taxation on many aspects of corporate financial policy  including borrowing and dividend distributions. But the effects of corporate income taxes on trade crit practices have en much less understood. Research by Mihir Desai.

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Fritz Foley  and James

A develops the idea that trade crit allows firms to reallocate capital in response to tax differences. Using detail data on the foreign affiliates of are able to observe Indonesia Phone Number affiliates of the same firm operating in different countries and therefore facing different corporate income tax rates. Taken together  the findings illustrate that firms use trade crit to reallocate capital from low tax jurisdictions to high tax jurisdictions to capitalize on tax induc differences in pretax marginal products of capital.

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