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Targeting strategies for a world without cookies

As you can see, this type of segmentation offers many possibilities, but it must be taken into account that we continue to carry out campaigns aimed at a large and heterogeneous group. Therefore, we must continue deepening with other strategies such as segmentation based on buyer personas. Segmentation based on buyer personas Although demographic data such as age or hobbies can give us a lot of information, it is not enough to fully understand consumer buying patterns. For this reason, segmentation based on buyer personas helps us to know exactly what our audience is doing. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of our ideal customers that include functional, emotional, and decision attributes , helping us understand our audience’s motivations and intentions at a deeper level.

Benefits of Personalization

For example, the role of our potential customers SMS Gateway Taiwan in your company is related to the challenges they face, the emotions they experience, and the level of interaction they need to reach a buying decision. All of this allows us to launch much more refined and strategic segmentation strategies. Segmentation based on the customer journey Finally, segmentation based on the customer journey allows us to understand the audience by categorizing it based on the stage of the purchase process in which they are. According to the conversion funnel theory, consumers go through three main phases in their customer journey : TOFU phase or “top of funnel”: it is the first contact between client and brand.

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Segmentation based on the customer journey

The consumer has identified that they have a need Phone List Forum and is beginning to search for information to respond to it. Therefore, we must offer you content that responds to that need in the broadest possible way. MOFU phase or “middle of the funnel”: in this intermediate stage, the consumer is clearer about what they need and is evaluating different options to satisfy that need. Therefore, it is time to offer you more specialized content in exchange for leaving us your data and becoming a lead. BOFU phase or “bottom of the funnel.

The final stage of the funnel, in which the consumer has considered different options and is still interested in our brand. It is time to use resources to stimulate conversion, such as free trials, offers and discounts or specialized services. The conversion funnel offers us an overview, but we must bear in mind that each brand’s customer journey is unique and we can detect several relevant touch points within each phase. Once we have identified those touch points, we can create specific content that addresses the needs of users at each stage.

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