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New shopping the case of diversification of an existing plant. Both for large enterprises and SMEs, the eligible costs must by at least. The book value of the reuse assets record in the financial year preceding the commencement of the works. The acquisition of assets belonging to an establishment that has been close or would have been close. If the purchase had not taken place. As refer to in the case of initial investment and initial investment that will start a new activity. Should meet the following conditions. Assets are acquire from third parties unrelate to the buyer the buyer must not be relate to the seller.

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Where a member of the original owner’s family or at least one employee takes over the small business, the condition requiring the acquisition of assets from Photo Retouching third parties unrelate to the buyer does not apply (itself the purchase of shares in an enterprise is not consider an investment), the transaction is carrie out on arm’s length terms (the terms and conditions between independent parties do not contain any element of collusion), if the acquisition of the plant’s assets is by an additional investment eligible for regional aid, the eligible costs of this additional investment should be add to the costs of acquiring the plant’s assets.

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If aid for the purchase of assets was grant before their purchase. The cost of these assets is deducted from the eligible costs relate to the takeover of the plant. In the case of taking over a plant, it is necessary to compare the new activity with the activity previously Phone List Forum conduct in the acquire plant, due to the fact that the new activity must fall within. Scope of a different statistical class of economic activity classification – NACE than the one previously conduct in the taken over plant. It should also be borne in mind that in the framework of a venture making an initial investment for a new business activity relate to the diversification of the activities of a plant.

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