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Gallup survey as part of the Teamwork

GREGORY LEIBY I have always defin  trust  as   A logical reaction to to the consistent actions of another.  Fram this way  the question comes  What are the consistent actions of management   The reason  Management  gets tapp on this subject is they are in the leadership role. Those in a leadership position willing put themselves in a position where others look up to them.


Heskett  I am writing in reference to your article  Why is trust so hard to achieve in management   You mention that there is surprisingly little hard Albania WhatsApp Number List evidence to support some of the assumptions about trust as an essential condition for good performance. As I read the article  I realiz that I may have some relatively new information on the topic. I m in the process of completing my doctoral dissertation which focuses on prictors of tacit knowlge sharing. The research and compilation of data from my dissertation has en complet. Trust is one of the prictors of tacit knowlge sharing  along with perceiv management commitment  social interaction and individual rewards.

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What was particularly interesting

That after I had complet my study  I was able to link my study to the Gallup Employee Engagement study. The  st friend  at work question is part of Albania Phone Number the  area. The linkage is not something I d originally intend to examine. However three of the questions from my tacit KM survey  trust questions  support the validity of the  friend  question for Gallup. The three questions are directly low  the scoring is bas on a seven point Likert Scale  seven is likely to share  one is not likely to share   .You and Pat both work at your company.

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