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They hardly gun Mukund says

As the case explains Anglo hir an industrial theater group to act out various safety relat interactions tween miners and supervisors using large visuals to illustrate safety points—along with the idea that it was OK for workers to bring concerns to their supervisors. In addition Carroll mandat that Anglo executives fly to Rustenburg and meet with every one of some miners encouraging them sometimes through translators to speak up about safety problems.

The case s Part C looks at the challenge

Of sustaining a culture change in the years leading up to Carroll s resignation in . They ve address the safety issue and taken major steps to change the culture Mukunda says. And the next question is are they done And the answer of course is that no Denmark WhatsApp Number List they re not done. the case illustrates what HBS Professor Rosath Moss Kanter descris as bold strokes and long marches. As Kanter explain in a Harvard Business Review blog post Bold strokes are decisions that can  made at the top implement pretty quickly by command—acquisitions divestitures real estate purchases layoffs. Long marches take time and the involvement of many people who must produce new elements and coordinate their actions fore the change can  successful.

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A Case About Valor While

Carroll made a point of making sure her gender would not  the focus of the case Mukunda certainly consider the fact that she was the first woman to Ukraine Phone Number List take the helm at Anglo American—and took note of the singular challenges therein. Even fore they start conducting interviews the case writers research uncover blatant sexism direct toward Carroll during her tenure as chief executive.

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