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Finally  the nefits of two opposing leadership structures are . Idebat  one chapter argues for electing a chairman who is separate from the CEO  . Iwhile another makes the case for a lead director to serve as a liaison tween the other board memrs and the CEO. As clear cut as these subjects may seem  the underlying question  as Lorsch sees it  is far more complex.

What is the broader mandate

Of business in the context of today s society   Nobody has a monopoly on what the truth is in that realm   he says. Lorsch is the Louis Kirstein Professor Turkey WhatsApp Number Data of Human Relations at HBS  where he has taught and research for over years. He is the author of many articles and books about boards of directors  including Pawns or Potentates  The Reality of America s Corporate Boards  with Elizath MacIver  and Back to the Drawing Board  Designing Corporate Boards for a Complex World  with Colin B. Carter.  Read an excerpt from The Future of Boards.  Julia Hanna  You ve en studying board dynamics since the s. What is a trend that you ve seen developing more recently  Jay Lorsch.

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Away from maximizing shareholder value as the primary focus and motivation for a corporation s existence  and toward a growing recognition that Lebanon Phone Number List companies are economic institutions that provide nefits to many constituents in the form of salaries and goods and services as well as returns to investors. So the question comes  what is the board s responsibility in that context  Q  in the book s first chapter shows that directors are really wrestling with that question. A  In   eight senior memrs of the HBS faculty  all of whom serve on boards themselves  agre to interview five directors each.

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