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We all know what we are doing

JAMES CTO  KINGSINSIGHT My Father ran a business and told me that  whether you think you can trust people or not … you will normally prove yourself correct . By that he meant that if you don t trust people you will check up on them and then tell them what to do and then they will do what you say and not what they lieve is right.

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Trust when things go wrong. But if they think you are relying on them then they will try hard and if you back them on the assumption they tri to do the right thing with the information they had  then they will both trust you and start doing the right thing more Bahrain WhatsApp Number List and more often. That work really well in his company and the first couple of companies I work with. But later in my career I work for larger companies found issues relat to  attribution error  appli. and that we are trying hard to do the right thing  including most managers I have work with . But we don t see the struggles others go through   just the impact on us.

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Thing and that  they  did the wrong thing  causing us problems. But actually  they  and  we  usually did the st we could with what we knew … and optimis our part of the world and not the whole world. So after many years and many scars I think my father Bahrain Phone Number was right. If you want someone to trust you  then try to understand what they see happening rather than what you are doing. You will often find that what they see is hard work on their end and seemingly random stupid things on your end.

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