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The companies in the middle

After all  it s not news when a company with a bad environmental record is report to have en negligent  it s more notable when a good company screws up. But if the insurance argument held true  then greener companies should at least see more favorable coverage when spills occur  with the mia ing more likely to attribute them to chance or bad luck than negligence or malfeasance.

When the researchers ran the norms

hey found evidence to support the first part of their hypothesis  greener companies did receive more coverage for spills. A one point increase in the Environmental Strength score result in a to percent greater chance that a spill would  cover. Surprisingly South Korea Phone Number List however  they also found that companies with the lowest CSR scores were more likely to  report in the press when they had a spill.  Both the leaders and the laggards experience heighten mia attention   says Orholzer Gee.  We didn t anticipate that.  To explain why companies with a poor CSR record make a convenient target for the mia  the authors turn to sociological studies.

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These show that readers like

Unexpect news—explaining why accidents at the greenest companies were widely cover—but those same readers also find comfort in stories that conform to already held liefs. Therefore  readers might find interest in an oil spill by a company like BP  which for Ivory Coast Phone Number years portray itself as a leader in environmental concerns  but they might also find interest in an oil spill by ExxonMobil  demoniz by some for its environmental lapses.   meanwhile  receiv a pass since their neutral rankings don t fit into an easy narrative. “A CSR POSITIONING THAT SAYS EITHER YOU ARE ALREADY FANTASTIC OR YOU ARE TRYING TO  FANTASTIC IS A RISKY POSITION” To test the second part of the insurance hypothesis—that companies with higher.

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