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You take that  For example Southwire a manufacturer of electrical wire cable and cord in rural Georgia partner with a local school district that had a dismal graduation rate. The company staff its factory with the district s most at risk kids leading to a graduation rate that soar among those students as well as other at risk students.

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Their purpose driven managers are investing in society also comes from CEOs at several multibillion dollar organizations including Unilever Nestle Israel WhatsApp Number List Nissan Unit Stationers and Aetna who are trying to simultaneously make money and make a difference. Thousands of smaller firms are also creating change. My reading of some of these CEOs is that they re charging and looking back over their shoulders saying Come on guys. We can get to another place Henderson said. Many other executives are concern enough about the social problems we face that they may also  willing to jump on board and do their part. During visits to companies she said executives always stress the money making part of business.

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With these same executives they admit to also ing worri about the world and the future for their children.  leaders I meet are ginning to think quite hard about addressing their role in these problems Henderson said. There is so much power at Benin WhatsApp Number Lists firms. They have the ability to make a difference. Henderson is the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University with a joint appointment at Harvard Business School and co director of the Business and Environment Initiative.

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