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I already express my skepticism

Now  if we consider the main reputation assessment and . Imanagement models  Reputation Quotient  Rep Track  MERCO  The World s Most Admir Companies and the World s Most Respect Companies  we find that there are no uniform standards in the selection oreputation instead of reputation indexes    If reputation is a question of responsibility and falls within . Ithe issue of f variables  or in what groups to survey  or the inputs . Ithat are taken into consideration. It is true that rules are set down for weighting the different categories of stakeholders survey  and for the weight given to.

The different dimensions

Analyz  but these corrections are often not explicit in. I the various models  MERCO is an exception . Furthermore   What is the order  Is weight first assign to each of the dimensions analyz  or to the strategic prioritization of the stakeholders of each company  . IIn the case of Rep Track  it is explain on its website that seven dimensions are consider and  Inside of each dimension lie specific attributes that can  customiz for clients in order to allow for Lebanon Phone Number List program and message ready analysis . If this is so  the result is reputation indexes. Ithat are impossible to compare and tailor to the nes of each company.   Can we then speak of a unique  . Isustainability and is not just part of the communication strategy  is it a contradiction or not to measure the perceptions of our stakeholders when there is no proper stakeholders management policy first.

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  In short  if reputation is going to

A mechanism for self evaluation and improvement and not merely . Ia communication tool  should it not  align to what we want our relationship with stakeholders to  and thus set the indicators accordingly  In my article Stakeholders in Search of an Kenya Phone Number Author  about genuine stakeholder management by firms . Iand even the relationships among themselves. Another interesting issue is what Pizzolante calls the traditional mistake of giving great importance to what  people say  about the company and not focusing on  why they say it and repeat it.

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