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In addition to researching sleep

Our conscious mind is pretty good at following rules  but our unconscious mind—our ability to  think without attention —can handle a larger amount of information. Studying the unconscious mind offers exciting new avenues for research  including creativity  decision making  and sleep. Research by Bos and his colleagues suggests that unconscious thought supports the kind of mental organization ne for making complex decisions.

In addition  unconscious thought

Might  more dependable than conscious thought when we are low on energy. Preliminary research also indicates that using odor or sound cues during sleep might activate our unconscious mind and improve creativity and innovation. Bos  a social psychologist Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data conducts his research at HBS  in close collaboration with Harvard Mical School.   creativity  and decision making  he studies influence  persuasion  voice and facial categorization  and communication. Martha Lagace  What do you mean by unconscious thought  Maarten Bos  We define unconscious thought as a goal dependent  delirative process in the absence of conscious attention.

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Most people attribute a lot of their

Actions to a conscious process  but there are scores of processes that operate unconsciously. Getting dress in the morning  for example  is largely an Ghana Phone Number List nconscious process. So is driving to work—many people get to work without entirely rememring how their drive was and what they saw on the road. Lots of processes are automat and therefore very efficient.

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