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I think we have a good handle on it  but I want to see if we can strengthen our existing database  and determine if there s more to  said through that additional understanding. Part of what this is all about is getting away from so much normative argument to a more realistic picture of the human aspect of boards.

We want people to understand

That these are human institutions populat by serious people trying to do an important job—yet we mostly put up legal barriers and neglect to give them Algeria WhatsApp Number List the help that they ne. That s too bad  cause we don t have any other way to govern these institutions. Additional Reading On HBR  Lorsch and Justin Fox have team up to write What Good are Shareholders Book Excerpt  ’The Future of Boards’ by Jay Lorsch In an excerpt from The Future of Boards  Professor Jay Lorsch discusses why directors are newly questioning their roles. itor s note  The crit crisis and subsequent recession has thrown many financial and business institutions into  if not chaos  then at least a sense that the landscape underneath has shift significantly.

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One institution undergoing such

Self review is the corporate board of directors. So it s more than timely that a book on the subject by one of the world s great experts on corporate governance  Jay Lorsch  will  publish next week. The Future of Boards  Meeting the Governance Challenges of the Malaysia Phone Number List Twenty First Century asks two important questions  What role is appropriate for the board  And how can the directors understand enough about the company to meet their responsibilities effectively  In this excerpt Lorsch looks at how directors are rethinking their roles.  For more about the book  see our interview with Lorsch.

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