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Many companies have recognize

Sitting in a business school this is something we should look at very seriously. Henderson not that there are opportunities for firms to address public goods problems and make money at the same time citing the example of IBM rucing electricity consumption significantly tween and and saving million in the process.

The role of academics

In this process she said is the traditional one to think clearly see what is true not what we wish was true. Once we are thinking clearly about these things we Indonesia WhatsApp Number List can  a source of ideas in the world. Potential Inquiry Henderson identifi two broad areas of inquiry to consider. First she suggest it might  worth exploring the potential role of inducement mechanisms—including regulations taxes and ownership structures—in changing the constraints under which firms operate. Are there changes that would make it easier for business to contribute to the public good Would these kinds of shifts  desirable or would they have unexpect side effects And second she pos the fundamental question of whether it is feasible or desirable to think about changing firms themselves.

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Can firms create shar value

Can industries regulate themselves What are the responsibilities of managers Does purpose matter If academics chose to focus on these particular areas of study Belgium WhatsApp Numbers List it just might provide the kind of encouraging push that companies sometimes ne to make changes. You might ask why should one do research in this area If managers can support public institutions and provide public goods and make money why aren t they she said. nd combine it with the recession and two wars and you have a hobbl government that is not making investments in the commons Rivkin said.  the problem and are already making investments in public goods he said.

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