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For the simple reason that competition has become truly international. Since the competition is extremely fierce and sustainable competitive advantages are increasingly difficult to achieve. the competitive advantages of marketing must be critically examin. as the market situation adapts. Watch or listen to the podcast. Digital marketing technologies. the competitive field and changes in customer behavior Buyer personas + differentiating factors

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Competitive means of marketing The most traditional b2b leads way of distributing competitive means is probably the 4 P model. from which the 7 P model and the marketing mix have since been develop.. In the traditional 7 P.s model. competitive means of marketing means. Product – products/services Price – Price Place – Availability/Distribution

Each company has its own unique combination

Protomotion – Marketing measures People – People Processes – Company processes Phone List Forum Physical evidence – Physical evidence From these. each company has its own unique combination. which is often call. the company.s marketing mix. The marketing mix therefore includes the means by which the company tries to compete in the market against its competitors. In this article. however. I will not discuss these traditional means of marketing competition.

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