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Both of you start work at the same time and have en friends ever since. Would you share with Pat    Friend  Mean Score .  out of   on KM Sharing Survey  Note  This is the highest mean score of all the survey questions. .You and Pat both work at your company in completely different divisions and have never met each other. Would you share with Pat    Don t Know each other  Mean Score . on KM Sharing Survey .You and Pat both work at your company.

A Pat has a reputation for never

Helping anyone. Would you share with Pat    Perhaps  Don t Like Them  Mean Score .  Note  This is the lowest score on KM Sharing Survey Clearly the results Algeria WhatsApp Number List suggest that individuals are more likely to share information with their friends   Mean Score .  out of  . Gallup states that there is a link tween employee engagement and higher productivity. However  I ve en unable to find any information from Gallup on  how  employee engagement results in higher productivity. The study by Connelly  Zweig  Webster and Trougakos found that slightly over   of  knowlge transfer events  involv hiding or hoarding knowlge. The impact of knowlge hiding or hoarding is likely to  significant in terms of productivity and profitability.

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I think my study has establish

That the missing  how  has to do with tacit knowlge sharing  at least in part . If knowlge sharing increases  then productivity and profitability are also likely to increase. I also agree with your statement that knowlge sharing would seem to foster trust Algeria Phone Number as well. I think you may also make the case that trust fosters knowlge sharing. We uld do what they are going to do. Period. The bottom line reign and ALL decisions will  driven by it. That has en the way since the Phoenicians us to ride…business is business and will always . BOB LEE HEAD INSTRUCTOR   CENTER Trust is a factor of relationships  not the least of which  with one s self.

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