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You Sit offers the perspectives

Boards are very much a human institution. The law can certainly shape and constrain a board  but at the end of the day  people and how they relate to each other are of crucial importance. If you re going to have a successful board  you ne to think about it in terms of successful human relationships. I think that s a tenet that really makes.

HBS somewhat different from

Other business schools  not that other academic institutions don t recognize that as well. But I think it s more deeply engrain in our history and the way we Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data think about things. Q  In terms of board structure  two of the book s chapters make opposing arguments. David Nadler of Marsh   McLennan is in favor of a chairman of the board who is a separate and distinct from the CEO. Raymond Gilmartin  Merck s former chairman  president  and CEO  makes the case for a lead director who acts as a liaison to the CEO but is the equal of other board memrs.  Gilmartin is also a Harvard Business School Executive in Residence.  A  The debate tween having a lead director  or a chairman who is separate from the CEO  is an interesting debate  and it s ongoing.

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I hope the book will give people

Who are involv in making these choices a chance to consider two different points of view and understand the pros and cons. There isn t a one size fits all solution. “WHEN IT COMES TO COMPENSATION  WE CAN T SEE THE FOREST Croatia Mobile Number List FOR THE TREES” Bill George s chapter   Board Governance Depends on Where  of different board positions on the work of corporate governance. Bill is on our faculty now  but serves or has serv on numerous boards and is the former chairman and CEO of Mtronic. Reading his contribution to this book gets to the crux of the issue.

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