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We decid to focus on two broad questions  How well did these boards function fore the recession  And  what aspects of the board s way of functioning troubl memrs as they look to the post recession future  We were trying to get people we knew who we thought were experienc memrs of boards and would tell it like it is. I think we succe. They were pretty candid. It was close enough to the financial crisis that a lot of them were still shaken up.

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What had happen and why their boards weren t more on top of these problems. Q  What were some of their thoughts  A  It was clear that many felt the impact of corporations  increasing complexity. You ne people with more knowlge to serve on the boards of such companies  but that runs counter to the legal prescriptions that require board memrs to   independent.  So how do you meet the obligation of having board memrs who are independent but Thailand WhatsApp Number Data who still have an understanding of the business  That s pretty difficult to do. In the context of the financial crisis  there were a lot of people who have said—I think correctly—that if you have too many people on the board of financial institutions who don t know anything about financial institutions  then you have a problem.

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It s not possible for a board memr to know everything. It s important that they know enough to question senior management intelligently but respectfully. A  Yes  one theme that I hope comes out clearly in the book is the importance of the relationship tween the Lithuania Phone Number List board and top management.  simple institution with people sitting around a table  but it s a lot more complex than it appears. Q  A chapter you coauthor with HBS Professor Rakesh Khurana   The Pay Problem   tackles the knotty issue of compensation.

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