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Harvard Psychology s Adrian

Imagine putting on cologne in the morning. After about seconds you don t smell it anymore cause you ve gotten us to it.  We don t know if this replaying affects the effectiveness of the cue. We also don t know if people get us to sounds or music in the same way. If we find out in which sleep phase these cues are most effective  then we may learn more about memory processing during sleep. We also ne to do more research to find out if sleep quality is adversely affect by the cues  but no results so far indicate that sleep is disrupt.


WHILE WE RE COMFORTABLY SLEEPING IN OUR BS” Another route we re investigating is whether this cue activat boost works for decision making like it did for creativity. Creativity can  a very divergent process  while decision making is a more Poland WhatsApp Number Data convergent process. We don t know for sure if sleep works the same  or as neficially  for both of these processes. I m also working on various other lines of research that are less relat to sleep. But whether it s sleep research  with Harvard Mical School s Rort Stickgold and Harvard Kenny School s Todd Rogers  HBS PhDOB     influence and persuasion research  with my main collaborator at HBS  professor Amy Cuddy   voice analysis research  with Amy Cuddy and Cornell s Tanzeem.

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Choudhury and her student Mashfiqui

Rabbi   decision making research  with Radboud University s Ap Dijksterhuis and Kellogg s Loran Nordgren   creativity research  with  Ward and Hong Kong Phone Number List Catalyst s Anna ninger   or body posture research  with Amy Cuddy and MIT s Ehsan Hoque   almost all the research I do is about the unconscious and cognitive performance  and I really think it s fascinating stuff. I ll leave you with this. We sleep about a quarter to a third of our lives.

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