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Puma embraces a generation without fear alongside Neymar and Griezmann

Puma presents “Generation Fearless” , a new line that defines the fearless mentality of the younger generation of football fans and the players they admire. The LaFourmi agency creates a new international campaign for this Puma launch, at a time when the brand and sports fans are preparing for the Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022. The Soccer World Cup starts on November 20 . The event will bring together sports fans and the best footballers in the world after a long wait. These athletes are role models for their young followers, who adopt their codes, styles and attitudes. Because of this, the agency in charge of the spot has put the players, Puma and today’s youth in front of the cameras.

The Soccer World Cup starts

The cast of this new spot for Puma includes category email list Neymar Jr, Antoine Griezmann, Memphis Depay, Kingsley Coman, Fridolina Rolfö, Sara Björk and the younger generation of players who are making a name for themselves such as Nikita Parris, Antony, Christian Pulisic or Romeo Beckham. In the spot, a group of young people repeatedly mentions how Neymar acts “without fear” in games, a story that comes to life as a movie during the group’s conversation . In scene after scene, players and sports fans fearlessly take on challenges.

Puma presents Generation Fearless

As the brand points out, “being Phone List Forum Fearless is having a career as a player and a career as a mother at the same time, it is feeding off the words of critics to become even greater, it is privileging the action more than the result. But it is also important to stand up to the elders on the local field or change the music from a party to the hit of the year. In this campaign LaFourmi accompanied Puma to create, write and execute this idea, which invites viewers to be brave and bold.

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