Product Listicles the listicle as a type of affiliate content to position and convert

A listicle is simply an article that contains a list , for example, “10 reasons to travel to New York in the fall.” The format was popularized in its day thanks to Buzzfeed and today we can find it applied to all kinds of brands. There’s also a lot of variability in content depth, from lists that only contain one GIF per section to in-depth analysis that helps understand complicated topics. Within affiliate marketing, product listing articles are very useful for comparing different solutions to the same problem, for example “10 French press coffee makers for less than $50” or “7 comprehensive B2B software solutions for logistics companies “. The list format allows us to present different options, including one or more promoted products, accompanied by a link to the product’s purchase page to generate conversions.

Make a list of products

Product listicles are very useful for users, as the Bulk SMS Turkey titles tell them exactly what to expect from the item, they are easy to read diagonally to get to the information they need, and they help to analyze different alternatives in detail. Of course, it is a format that has been repeated ad nauseam and that is often associated with clickbait, so taking care of quality is essential. Example of an article with a list of Cyberclick products that is in position 0 of Google . Product listicles the listicle as an affiliate content type to position and convert. How to write a product list in 10 steps 1) Choose the theme Logically. The topic of your article should be related to. The products that you promote through affiliate marketing. But to increase the chances of conversion and rank better than the competition. It is preferable to write several articles focused on different niches instead of one general one.

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 Include links when necessary

For example, if you want to promote sports equipment at Phone List Forum home. Do not limit yourself to an article such as “The 10 best products for training at home”. Instead, you can think of things like “Top 5 Home Workout Products for Cardio Junkies.” “3 Things You Need to Work Out in Your Pajamas,” or “12 Home Fitness Solutions for Busy Parents. Do on-page SEO Choosing the right keywords is only the beginning. For your article to have a good chance of positioning among the first results of Google.

You will have to pay attention to aspects such as the meta description. The header structure or the alternative text of the images. It is also interesting to optimize your content so that it can appear in Google’s featured snippet or zero position . In addition to paragraphs of text, lists and tables can also appear in this position. To increase the chances that Google will pick your content as featured, try posing your product listings to answer questions.

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