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Once we are clear about this, we choose a Product Excellence generic domain name. Since it will be the name they will use to call. Our future client. I use the closest name I can find to the sector + city  Keyword research is going to give us the services. That we must work on on the web, I look for words with search volume and the minimum. Possible competition. Example: Painter Madrid Services: Removing gotelé, installing wallpaper, vertical work for facades, waterproofing with rubber,… Do you want to register domains at incredible prices? Don Dominio offers Blogger.

Purchasing Product Excellence process to get it

readers a 30% discount  (registration and transfer) (registration and transfer) and .ES domains top industry data limited to 2 uses per account and valid until 09/30/2023. You simply have to enter the code BLOGGER3CERO23 in the purchasing process to get it. GO TO DONDOMAIN Creation of content for Rank and Rent websites Once I have defined my website’s niche and services, I begin to create content with DinoBRAIN’s AI . It is the one I best position myself with after trying quite a few. This saves me the work of doing keyword research for each service, the content for.

These links help search engines understand

The user’s search intention, the length Phone List Forum of the text to position and even a copyright-free image. Internal link to Rank and Rent websites Internal linking is an important strategy to improve the structure and navigation of a services website . These links help search engines understand the relationship between pages and help users navigate more efficiently , but you’ve already been told that many times and you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on the internet, so I’m not going to get involved with that. Using rich data To excel in the Rank and Rent model, it is necessary to go beyond basic SEO

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