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If the Public Good have to  seen as a option

laura havepresence  havepresence SUMAN MANAGER WBSCL. I The society is represent by public and business is the process of proper distribution of the differenThis can  run side by the main business ultimately it will develop the goodwill of . I the company in thet resources in different acceptable forms to the public in the most efficient way.Business . I whether it may manag by private or public can not sustain without a capable group of public to support it by ing the customer or

The worker So it is always profitable

To have a customer base of good average income a . I efficient workforce to support the business activities.But it is not that the private company should make a loss to run public good that is not sustainable but can operate. I  the activity for the Japan WhatsApp Number List public good with a view of the future to increase its profit not by margin but by volume. society which help the company to grow further in the long run by the support of purchasing . I power the local help in operation. Let s take a small example from India.Much fore the CSR . I Corporate social responsibility is made mandatory as a rule.

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TATA in a large scale engaged into

Public good by developing academic institute implementing . I town planning etc this activities of public good does not burden TATA . IGroup but enhanc the Business prospect by creating its . Ibrand image today it is lov by all the citizens and most of the states Brazil WhatsApp Numbers List of India is willing to have a factory of TATA where getting land for. I industry . I is a big issue. of business and a way of direct profit then the focus should  orient bution . I township management etc where the private company can ruce the cost of operation by proper cost management can make direct profit.

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