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This cue has the potential to increase

We show that while giving people a drink with sugar helps conscious thought—not a strange finding  considering our brain is fuel by glucose—surprisingly  unconscious thought performs tter when people receive a drink without sugar in it. It seems that unconscious thought is not as dependent on glucose as conscious thought. Other research conduct by  Mareike.

Wyeth and  Rose  Sacks has shown

People are very good at making intuitive decisions at times when they are not at their st according to their circadian clock. In this research participants show greater insight and creative problem solving performance during nonoptimal times of day compar Philippines WhatsApp Number Data to optimal times of day. It seems that conscious thought sometimes gets in the way of making good decisions. Q  You and your colleagues also study sleep and creative performance  as you write in an article in the Journal of Sleep Research. You take the interesting tack of studying odor.

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We us odor as a cue to reactivate

Thoughts about a task.  information processing during sleep—a finding with powerful practical applications. First  the cue is pair with a task  then the cue is repeat during sleep. To give an example  Imagine that you are reading materials for an Honduras Phone Number List important meeting right fore you go to sleep. While you are reading  a cue is produc—either a smell is dispers in the room or a distinct sound is play. Then during the night  that same cue is produc. The cue reactivates the reading you did fore going to sleep and improves your memory of the information. This strategy could potentially act as a study aid for students and professionals alike.

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