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A lot of discrimination happens

These findings are present in the working paper When Performance Trumps Gender Bias  Joint versus Separate Evaluation  pdf   coauthor by HKS Professor and academic dean Iris Bohnet  HKS doctoral student Alexandra van Geen  and HBS Professor Max H. Bazerman.  This project integrates my prior work on using joint decision making to create more ethical decisions with Iris s long standing expertise in developing strategies to promote gender equality   says Bazerman.

Together  the three of us have produc

One of the most exciting papers that I have work on.  The idea for the paper grew from a conundrum that Bohnet fac when she came faculty director of the Kenny School s Women and Public Policy Program  WAPPP . Although she d built a career on using havioral economics to help others improve their decision making  she couldn t figure out how to Hong-Kong Mobile Database apply those insights to gender issues.  It took me a few months   says Bohnet  and then all of a sudden it came very obvious to me.  Employing The havioral Economics Toolbox What came obvious  Bohnet says  was that she ne to look at gender stereotyping as just another heuristic that people employ during the decision making process. Such heuristics are often subconscious  and though they help people make decisions faster  they don t necessarily help them make tter ones.

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On faculty research and teaching commemorating the th anniversary of the first women to enter Harvard Business School s two year MBA program.   cause of implicit biases where people like you and me —who don t want to do the wrong thing Armenia Phone Number who don t want to discriminate  or don t want to treat people differently bas on their demographic characteristics—fall into these stereotype traps cause stereotypes have something to do with how the world is   says Bohnet.  As long as we don t see women in leadership positions  for example  we don t associate leadership with women.

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