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Personal Branding can change your life

Personal Branding can change your life. In this post I am going to explain to you how I have decided to leave the comfort zone and bet on what I am most passionate about. It was something that I really wanted to tell and that I announced at the DMD Galicia congress just a few days ago, and in which I gave my most personal conference. This Tweet published by my friend Jesús Pernas defines very well the step I just took. If you want to enjoy the entire conference. Here is the presentation of my presentation so that you do not miss any of the steps I have taken to start making a living from my blog and everything that I am passionate about.

The Internet without an audience

You have to know that we are all born with a personal brand and that in our learning and experience we mold and shape that brand. It is in our hands to improve and enhance our personal brand on the Internet that allows us to attract a large audience of people and with it also the interest of brands and companies. But don’t get carried email contact list away by vanity and obsessing about getting a large number of people to follow you. In addition, here what really has value is attracting a quality audience, and this is the one that is really interested in what we do and We say, and they are very active people on the Internet.

Identify your talent

Identify your talent. I have always thought that all people have talent in something. In addition, and that a fundamental and basic part for us to stand out is to be able to identify what our natural talent is, because we all have it. I’ll tell you an anecdote, when I was in high school and a teacher asked me to go to the blackboard to explain something. In addition, I thought I was going to die. I had a really bad time, and I Phone List Forum remember that I always told my mother that I would never, ever I would be a teacher. One day when I was working at a University. Therefore, they asked me to take a training course for teachers, and you can imagine how nervous I was that day,

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