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You’re leaving a lot of sales on the table. 4) keep the attention of the participants at a sufficiently fast pace  training sessions myself. And the way I run a webinar differs considerably from this. As a rough rule of thumb. The tempo of the webinar is significantly faster than normal live training. The reason is that in live training you can keep the audience’s attention on you and you can see the reactions of the participants. No one can. At least without you noticing. Start doing other work while you are performing. Instead. When watching a webinar. The user has dozens of other stimuli in the browser tabs. If your presentation progresses at too slow a pace. The temptation to jump into competing content and multitask is great. For this reason. In our own webinar materials.

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The page of the presentation europe email list changes approximately every minute and the rhythm of the speech is slightly faster than normal. With good energy. on you. Enable google my business 8 april 2020 kaisa huttunen are you already familiar with google my business? This article discusses the google my business service and gives instructions for its implementation. What is google my business? Google my business enables you to add your company’s information directly to a google search. It can be us to add. For example. Company address information. Pictures of the company. And opening hours. The service is completely in finnish. Google my business information appears on the right side of the search results in the form of a box when someone searches for a company by name.

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So it’s sort of like a google business Phone List Forum account. The information is also display on the side of the google maps service. When using the map service on a mobile device. It is also possible. For example. To make a call easily with one click. Without copying and pasting the phone number. Google my business offers the possibility to appear in search results. Why should you use google my business? Every company should definitely adopt google my business. Because it enables the company to be found better both in search results and in google’s map service. Even for free. Introducing the service is one of the first things a company should do in digital marketing . Introducing the service can have a positive effect on the customer experience and increase the company’s reputation. In the best case. The customer can find. For example. Driving directions easily with the help of the service and gets a positive experience even before arriving at the store.

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