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It s na ve to think that consumers and mia might lieve that an oil company can come green in the majority of its activities. I think the first step to apply CSR f. Ior a company is to play honesty in its communication so des must follow. JOYCE FOK OFFICE about P. I and not P Greenwashing is the result of no more or less then a false statement it intentional or not. COORDINATOR AUSTRALIAN CENTRE FOR CORPORATE . ISOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY I think it is important to clarify.

That this article refers only

To a study of mia coverage rather than an extensive survey . Iof stakeholder perceptions. The picture potray by mia outlets should not assum to the same as a company s reputation for key stakeholders such as investors and employees. That is my two cents Cheers. SIN DECLERC ADVISOR CSR AND STRATEGIC MOBILITY ISSUES UITRIT . This article Estonia Phone Number List starts off as so many articles on this topic with the idea that making profit out of CSR is wrong or impossible. Well a strange point of view if you. I think about it isn t it all There is . Ino greenwashing if you implement CSR combin with a clear target a high ROI a performent measuring . Icampagn. It is as if ing professional about CSR is not done… Neither is there a problem with failure. There is a problem with neglect cover up not learning from mistakes not taking responsability for the hurt that is done.

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If you do that as a company

You have the courage to face your stakeholders and act upon it there will no problem. The BP shows something else it s not cause you have a CSR in place that you perform well on CSR in a crisis. It is not cause you li once that you will tell the truth next Mexico Phone Number time. CSR remains a matter of ethics and ethics is not like a lal that is valid for the next three years…  STRATEGIES LLC Your hypothesis makes sense if the intention of the CSR efforts are only a PR insurance rather than lowering the odds that an environmental mistake might happen outcomen spills or other environmental woes would presumably happen less people would genuinely care.

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