Online consumption trends in generations

Digital Marketing , News Share Online consumption trends in generations Z and Y More and more people are connect in the online world , whether for shopping, consultations, social networks, among other actions. But what do generations Z and Y most seek in this world? What is most important to them? To understand consumption trends, the “ Young Transformers ” study was carri out with 1,200 young people from generation Z and Y, by the Center for Standard Intelligence (CIP), in partnership with MindMiners. When questioned about the importance of owning some good, the house was with 94%, smartphones with 90%, notebook with 79% and car with 74%. What are the preferences of generations Z and Y The consumer behavior survey was carried out with young people.

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media and social networks, Online consumption trends where the consumption of online videos stands out. Of these, only 47% use internet banking, however, 35% do not use their cell phones for bank transactions and 39% do not feel completely comfortable websites and e-commerce. It is Austria Phone Numbers List worth mentioning that young people who later reached adulthood are part of generation Y , while generation Zstill very dependent on parents. That is, the consumption trends of the two, in relation to purchases, are always considered with great caution. Generation Y went through the digital transformation, but generation Z was born into it. There is still a lot to change! Insertion in the digital world Now is the time that hits people’s consciences: 48% of those interviewed admitt that they spend too much time online.

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printed book than a digital one. In consumer behavior when shopping, 56%are influenc by real consumers and only 8% by digital influencers. Which is a relatively low number for a generation that always follows them. Oh, and during the purchase, 61% would rather consult their cell Phone List Forum phone than a salesperson in the store. Even knowing that they are going to buy the product, 79% search on websites and social networks. And The sharing economy industry in Gen Z is having a positive impact on the world, according to at least 70% of respondents. This is due to the ease and practicality, in addition to the great cost/benefit that the shared economy provides. For 56% of them, people will soon consume much less and share much more. This ranges from personal items to shared spaces such as coworking. Did you like the consumer trend survey.

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