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There is no direct relationship tween responsibility and reputation. It depends on the communication receiv from all parties involv and how it is process. measurement methodologies although interesting efforts are ing made to reach new. I a consensus and deploy. IThe company  manages  these last parts to its nefit.  His articles contain very interesting opinions that I would like to share here  such as    Reputation is made up of many different issues.

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Does not seem to  a clear causal relationship tween reputation. I and its influence on businesses and consumers    And as a corollary  the st way to handle reputation is reputation management. This debate is even more important in the depths of . Ithe current crisis  where the true effectiveness of reputation can  test. The heighten critical awareness of all Saudi Arabia Phone Number List stakeholders has stripp corporate reputation of some of its ornaments and it has . Ien affect by the contagion effect of country risk. Both of these factors have call into question traditional  them in the enterprise. Company reputation is the perception that the public has of. I the activities it performs and in a very objective and accurate definition.

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Reputation is  the recognition of corporate haviour by a company s stakeholders bas on how well it complies with its commitments in relation to its customers  employees  shareholders  and the community at large.      perceptions. Andreu quotes Carl R. Rogers and F.J. Roethlisrger  Barriers and Gateways to Communication  Harvard Business Jordan Phone Number Review  Decemr   who defin perception as the mechanism by which people complete the partial information they have of reality in order to understand and encode the messages they receive. Bas on this  Andreu concludes that  nothing is true or false  it s in the eye of the holder.

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