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NBC which paid million in rights

Fears of a terrorist attack by Islamic extremists outrage over Russia s anti gay laws difficulties with transportation and infrastructure and soaring costs all threaten to detract from the good vis of the Games which gin Friday. As of two weeks ago Sochi had sold only percent of tickets—compar to percent for the Vancouver.

Games four years earlier

The organizing committee has already acknowlg defeat in merchandise sales with sales so far topping only million compar to Vancouver s million. Such lackluster performance spells trouble not only for the Games themselves but also for all of the brands that hope to ride its bobsl to marketing gold. IF THERE IS NO TERRORISM THE PEOPLE ARE FRIENDLY Cameroon WhatsApp Number List AND YOU CAN GET TICKETS THEN THE GAMES WILL PROBABLY ENHANCE THEIR IMAGE” The Olympics is the most significant sports bas event in the world says Stephen A. Greyser professor emeritus in the Marketing unit at Harvard Business School and an expert on the business of sports. And The Rings —capital T capital R—are arguably one of the most recogniz brand symbols in the world. By definition companies want to cobrand with the Olympics at least when they aren t laden with problems.

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Big names such as Coca Cola an Olympic

Sponsor since and McDonald s pay an estimat million every four years just for the privilege of using The Rings in their advertising—with hundrs of millions Singapore Phone Number List more spent on the advertising campaigns themselves. They aren t the only ones banking on Olympic success.  fees for the Sochi Games could also  in trouble if they don t go well. Perhaps the brand with the most to gain—or lose—is Mother Russia which paid a record billion to host the Games and has a rare opportunity to show it has shaken off its economic and political doldrums to pull off a major coup on a global stage.

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