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Too threatening to think about

However my research show that you can develop a relationship bas on trust by ing aware of four different constructs. Which are  the level of transparency  the level of knowlge sharing  the power balance and the risk profile. All four constructs most  valu on a long term scale.  You know what short term gains did with trust   I wrote my master thesis on the role of trust. In Holland I give presentations to sales forces and management to understand the role of trust and how trust can  develop and nurtur.

I also develop a tool to manage

The expectations of your customers  suppliers and employees  which is one of the most important issues in developing and sustaining a trust relationship. When you want to discuss further on this topic  feel free to contact me. Kindest regards  Arnoud Hoek Japan WhatsApp Number Data MSc Arnoud Hoek Consultancy Corpus Optima Europe DEBORAH NIXON PRESIDENT  TRUST LEARNING SOLUTIONS My research found that most people lieve they are trust so it wouldn t occur to them to think that this is something they ne to think about. How many people do you know that can look at themselves and truly lieve they are not trustworthy  It s always somebody else who has the trust problem  never us.

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The same applies to trusting organizations

Which are an extension of an executive s view of him or herself. If they don t trust the organization  then they have to wonder what they are doing there. . All of the trust work assumes a level of awareness that recognizes the problem in ourselves and a Ecuador Phone Number List willingness to do something about it. So whether it s trust  honesty  ing a good person  ing kind etc. It all starts with how vulnerable we are willing to make ourselves and whether we want to  accountable for our own actions. It requires us to get out of the blame game and to own our mistakes  problems and bad haviour.

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