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Having the government support them and tax those who do work is not an acceptable long term solution. KEN BLACK VP SALES ORWELLIAN TOMORROW CORPORATION Of couse productivity contributes to social inequality but there are a lot of non productive people in various positions doing very well financially so productivity alone is not a good guage of social inequality.

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Discourse recently from the president his political party and adoring mia is cause it is a strategy that is working to get votes and advance the ideology of their party. Unlike in previous generations there aren t crible voices sharing an opposing viewpoint on a regular basis like the great Uruguay WhatsApp Number List economist Milton Friman talking with Phil Donahue…and it s sad. KAPIL SOPORY COMPANY  Productivity increase of essential items of daily use by all and sundry does not lead to social inequality. This is in fact necessary as it leads to ruction of cost by virtue of more supply in the market. As regards luxury goods these are on demand by the higher strata the rich class and increas production thereof leads to social inequality as the poor are unable to go for these.

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Goes on increasing while the poor stagnate and hence the growing rich poor gap. ARMANDO DEL BOSQUE CEO HIS WAY AT WORK Dear Professor Heskett thank you for an insightful article. How about reversing the causality Does Social Equality Improve Productivity and more Bulgaria WhatsApp Numbers List importantly what is the limit At the non profit I work for we help companies increase equality amongst their employees their families and the communities they live work in. The result dramatic productivity increments….. no layoffs no additional technology just increas employee engagement. Everybody wins.

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