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Mobile Sports Games User Acquisition Tricks and Ad Examples

One thing is clear, uploading your mobile eSports game to a platform and waiting for people to download it is not the best strategy. And it is that the mobile sports game market is very competitive . To stand out, it is important that you exploit both the organic acquisition of users in the mobile application stores , as well as the acquisition through advertising campaigns in the different advertising networks. And, specifically, it is important that you do it in that order. Next we will explain how to do both. Optimize your Google Play and Apple Store pages: organic acquisition Undoubtedly, the optimization of the two main application stores is the first step you must take in your eSports marketing strategy to start getting the largest number of players.

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Proper optimization of both your Google Play Bulk SMS Argentina page and the Apple Store will help you increase the visibility of your game and make it easier for users to find it. These are the 3 fundamental steps to improve this positioning: conduct keyword research, design attractive visuals and determine a successful title. Next we explain them to you in more depth. Analyze the keywords Yes, just like in Google and YouTube, keywords or keywords are also important when it comes to positioning your game in the app stores. Successful keyword research should always start with team brainstorming . The best thing to make it fruitful is to think about what phrases or words users who want to find eSports like yours would enter in the search engine. After having a very long list, it is time to select the best options through an analysis of them, taking into account their relevance, search volume and competitiveness. For this analysis, tools such as Google Trends or AppCodes can be of great help.

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Finally, the keywords you choose must be entered Phone List Forum in the different. Descriptive spaces that the app stores allow you to optimize the upload of your game. Create attractive icons and graphics When users find your game on the platform, the first thing they will see (besides the title) will be the icon . Therefore, as your letter of introduction will be, it is important that you take care of its design. We recommend that you do an analysis of your direct. Competition and see what style of images and resources they use.

But we already anticipate that it is very common to show moments of key action in the game. As for the rest of the resources (videos and images) that will accompany the presentation of the game. We recommend that you use real screenshots. Specifically. Videos are the resources that work best. Set a winning title Finally. In order to achieve an organic attraction of players. Especially on Google Play, it is important that you establish a title for your eSports. In which you include one or more of the keywords that you have previously selected .

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