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Their Implications for Economic Performance

McGinn ABSTRACT We investigate how structural features of negotiations Download the paper     hbs research pdf    .pdf  pdf  Leviathan in Business  Varieties of State Capitalism and . Ie AUTHORS  Aldo Musacchio and Sergio G. Lazzarini ABSTRACT In this paper . Ie document the extent and reach of state capitalism around the world and explore its economic implications. We focus can affect interaction processes and . Ihow negotiations can be not only a solution to  but also a source of  inter organizational conflict. Principals  . Iagents  and teams face different sets of constraints and opportunities in negotiations.

We develop grounded theory detailing

How the micro interactions comprising a negotiation are shaped. I by the representation structure  principals  agents  or teams  of the parties. In qualitative and quantitative analyses of negotiations carried out by principals  agents  and teams in a laboratory experiment  we find that negotiators Japan Mobile Database efforts to manage the constraints and opportunities of their representation . Istructure are reflected in the micro interactions  the broad improvisations  and . Ithe resulting substantive and relational outcomes. on governmental provision of capital to corporations either equity or debt as a defining feature of state capitalism.

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We present a stylized distinction between

Two broad  general varieties of state capitalism  one. I through majority control of publicly traded companies  e.g.  state controlled SOEs  and a hybrid form that relies on Belgium Phone Number minority investments in companies by development banks  pension funds  sovereign w. Iealth funds  and the government itself. We label these two alternative modes Leviathan as a majority investor and Leviathan as . Ia minority investor  respectively. Next we differentiate between these two modes by describing their key fundamental traits and the conditions that should make each mode more conducive to development and superior economic performance.

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