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Or never their false commitment

Once you reach a certain   high  standard  even a small error is not accept. You are expect to tter every day. Thus  if we are a company manufacturing good products at competitive rates  any downfall in quality or a rise in cost will lead to adverse criticism. People appreciate and speak high of ethicallly responsible companies which show concern for environment and the society serv by them   this reflects their CSR initiatives.

However  CSR is not well understood

Practis as what may  consider by some as laudable social work may  dubb by others as something just a gimmick and not very worthy of any special attention. This is a dilemma. Financial performance of any company depends on many facors and CSR is not France Phone Number List one of these. If a company with good and well publicis CSR record expects that it can have some nefit of this in time of distress  then it is asking for moon. Linking CSR to insurance looks fine but there is a vast difference for the insurance would compensate in case of ne but it is doubtful whether CSR would do likewise. Doing good for the sake of doing good without expecting rewards   if they come  ok  if they don t  no worry  gives real satisfaction and hence CSR nes to  nurtur.

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MANAGER IN MNC Its true many companies spend lot of money on CSR report. They want to show positive image among their stakeholders.  come out which brings negative attitude against company. Mostly this happen in last five years in financial Macedonia Phone Number and insurance sector. T ANUPAM CEO  LOTUSPI MALL ADVISORY Poorly conceiv research and theory   environment compliance cannot  term CSR . The laws are just lax. CSR is surely investing in a community or landscape that helps nurture future employees and customers and builds goodwill among authorities law makers and law enforcement alike  and of course opinion shapers like Mia etc.

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