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Thirdly there are the athletic

It achiev mix results. When first award the Games the country promis improvements in human rights and mia access on which it largely fail to deliver. On the other hand the Games were certainly a boon for business spurring an increase in foreign investment. Along with opportunities come risks. The Games in Munich will  rememr not for the prowess of athletes on the field but for the terrorist attacks on Israeli athletes.

Greece embarrass itself

Athens in with empty stadiums and crumbling infrastructure that show it wasn t quite ready for showtime. Whether or not Russia goes the way of Great Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List Britain or Greece depends on a numr of factors starting with the infrastructure of the Games. The resort community of Sochi isn t known for its snow for alpine events athletes and spectators will have to take a two hour bus ride out of town. The question is can Russia demonstrate that it has the planning and operational expertise to run the Games—especially with venues so spread out asks Greyser.

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Secondly Russia will  measure

By the success of the business community—both in terms of external partnerships and the boost to the local economy.  competitions themselves. As South-Africa Phone Number List Team Great Britain show in London a strong performance by the athletes of the Olympics host country can go a long way toward engendering positive domestic feelings for the Games overall. Finally Greyser says Russia will  judg by how visiting athletes and journalists perceive the country and its people.

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