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You can t treat employees like cogs in a machine if you want the human ings who work for you to trust you and the organization. ANALYST My agreement is wholeheartly with Karen Caswelch. I would also add that once hir  the evaluation process must include a requirement to manifest things like trust and integrity. My lief is that trust is the output of integrity and respect for the employee. A sample in the evaluation process may  something like this.

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Example of something you ve done that show integrity foster trust show appreciation to your employees . Some of the open end interview questions ought to Korea Number Data continue through the work life of employees. Allowing the manager to present actions showing trust integrity appreciation would allow for building upon those actions. t  suggestions for improvements will come from what was already done from the perspective of the manager  rather than some arbitrary requirement. As to reality  Alas  I also agree with   Anonymous  my workplace is guid by fear  allowing for rude  ruthless and insecure personalities rising to levels of management.

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The gambit from outright dishonesty for fear of repercussions by both managers and employees  to mechanical adherence to processes with no hope South Korea Phone Number of improvements. MAREE STEWART CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER  WAIKATO KINDERGARTEN ASSOCIATION have you read the old book   was it call  Ragg Trouser Philanthropist   basically stating employers and employees must come from different perspectives   so sustain trust is difficult.

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